Pest Control Services in Milton, MA

D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. has been successfully servicing commercial and residential properties in Milton, MA for 25 years.  If you are looking for pest control services in Milton, MA, look no further.  D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. is the last pest control company you will need.   D & T has earned an impeccable reputation in Milton, MA, and the surrounding communities.  Your property and each customer will be treated with respect, honesty, and integrity.  Call D & T today to schedule your free pest inspection. 

Listed below are some of the insects, rodents, and pests D & T services:

Mice Control in Milton, MA

Mice are able to gain entry into commercial and residential properties with ease through gaps the size of a pencil.  Mice are also able to climb various structures, including chimneys.  If you have seen mice droppings or heard noises in the walls or attic, please call D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. to schedule your free pest inspection.  Not only will the technicians aid in the removal of unwanted visitors, they will also seal any small holes or gaps in the foundation to prevent future mice from gaining access to your dwelling.

Mosquito and Tick Treatments in Milton, MA

Mosquitoes and ticks are known to carry diseases that can be detrimental to the health of humans and pets.  Keep your family and pets safe from mosquito and tick-borne illnesses this summer.  D & T offers once-a-month treatments beginning in April and continuing through October.  The treatments are safe for pets and allow you to enjoy the outdoors and summer nights without the worry of Lyme disease or EEE.  Call us today!  You will see a drastic difference in the mosquito and tick activity in your yard. 

Rat Control in Milton, MA

The biggest culprit of attracting rats into your home is easy access to a food source.  Rats are also attracted to the warmth of your residence.  Rats are capable of destroying wires and other structural attributes of your home and they can easily spread disease.  Diseases from rats can be transferred to a human either directly or indirectly.  Keep your family and your home safe from potential rat damage and illnesses.  Call D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. at the first sight of a rat or rat activity.  D & T will provide a free pest inspection and a detailed plan to remove the rodents from your home. 

Wasp and Hornet Control in Milton, MA

Wasps, Hornets, and other stinging insects can cause fear and when stung, irritation and pain.  In extreme cases, stings may also cause difficulty breathing.  Call D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. at the first sight of a nest or wasp activity.  Not only will the pest control professional treat the area of the nest to prevent future nest building, but he will also remove the visible nest for you and discard of it properly.  Keep your friends and family safe during the warmer months from wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects. 

Ant Treatments in Milton, MA

Ants in your home or commercial building can be a nuisance.  Ants will usually come indoors in search of food, a water source, or nesting habitat. Heavy rains can also cause ants to find dry surroundings.  Carpenter ants are also capable of causing severe dame to the structure of your home or commercial building.  Please call D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. at the first sight of ants or ant infestation.  The pest control professionals are skilled and equipped to aid in the removal of tiny insects from your home. 

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