Termite Control in MA & RI

Termite Services in Westwood MAEach year, termites cause massive amounts of costly damage to homes located across the country. They feed on everything from old wood and books to insulation and other household items and cause major headaches for homeowners. There is also never just “one” termite causing damage, which is why you should act immediately if you ever notice any signs of them on your property.

D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. provides termite pest control in MA and RI. With more than 20 years of experience as a termite exterminator company, we’ll provide you with the services you need to rid your home of termites for good.

Signs of Termites in Your Home

Termite Extermination in Westwood MAUnlike some of the other pests our control company deals with on a regular basis, a termite problem isn’t always easy to spot. Although they’re attracted to light and can sometimes be found near windows and doors, they tend to gather around the foundations of homes and down in basements and crawl spaces where they’re not easily seen. You might need termite control services and not even realize it, which is why it’s so important for you to look out for signs of termites.

Some of the signs including seeing discarded termite wings, or mud tubes built by termites in any area of your home. You might also have termites if you have wooden beams in your home that sound like they’ve been hollowed out or wooden surfaces that have sustained visible damage. In some cases, you may even hear termites working within the walls of your home, especially if they formed a large colony in your house. Whatever the case, you should call on a professional to perform termite control services at the first sign of trouble. We’ll choose the right termite infestation treatment for your home and stop termites from doing further damage.

Reach Out to Us to Be Your Termite Exterminator Company

The majority of the time, termites are relentless and don’t stop until there is no wood left to eat. Therefore, it’s so important for you to schedule termite pest control inspection right away. When you call upon us, we’ll send a termite exterminator to your home to inspect it to see the severity of your infestation. From there, we’ll work to make sure there isn’t a single termite left behind when we’re done. As part of our termite infestation treatment, we also provide you with guidance on what you can do to stop termites from coming back in the future.

Contact D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. at 508-966-4470 for more information. We deliver termite control services to homeowners & businesses throughout Massachusetts & Rhode Island.