Pest Control Services in Attleboro, MA

Are you in need of pest control services in Attleboro, MA?  D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. has been servicing residents of Attleboro and neighboring communities for 25 years.  D & T is a local, family-owned, and dependable pest control company that can help you with pest and rodent removal.  The team at D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. will work diligently to solve your pest problem or concerns.  If you are in the need of a pest control service now, or if you would like to be proactive in securing your home or business from pests, please call D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. to schedule your free pest inspection.

Below are some of the rodents or insects that D & T can expertly address in your residence or business in Attleboro, MA:

Trusted, Fully Licensed, and Insured is why Attleboro chooses D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc.

The team at D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. currently consists of 14 Pest Management Professionals.  Every Pest Management Professional at D & T is fully licensed and insured.  Equipped with the finest tools and intensive training, each customer will receive a personalized plan of execution and your home will be treated with respect and compassion.

Mice or Other Rodent Removal in Attleboro

Colder weather in Attleboro, MA means mice and other rodents will need to find warm areas to inhabit which could be your basement, attic, or the kitchen of your home or business.  The D & T team has the tools and the expertise to remove the mice from your home.  The pest management professionals will walk the perimeter of the foundation of your dwelling or business and look for areas that may be entry points.  A mouse only needs an opening the size of a quarter of an inch to gain entry into a residence.  Smaller holes or cracks will be sealed by the D & T pest control specialists and any larger holes will be noted to be repaired by a contractor.  If you have seen evidence of mice or other rodents in your home, please call D & T today to schedule your free pest inspection.

Bat and Squirrel Exclusion in Attleboro, MA

Bats and squirrels living in your home can cause substantial damage to the structure and also potential health problems.  Bats and squirrels are able to gain entry into your home through holes and cracks that are so small, they may not be noticed.  Your home provides a place for bats and squirrels to keep their offspring safe and for bats to hibernate.  If you have heard noises in the attic or have seen bats or squirrels gain entry to your home, please call D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. to schedule your free pest inspection.

Wasp Nest Treatment and Removal for Residential and Commercial Properties

Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, and other stinging insects can cause panic, irritation and in extreme cases, difficulty breathing.   At the first sight of a nest or wasp activity, call D & T to treat and remove the nest from your residence.  Keep your family, friends, and pets safe from stinging insects, and leave it to the professionals.

Mosquito and Tick Treatments in Attleboro, MA

Mosquitoes and ticks are known to carry diseases that can be harmful to your family and your pets.   D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. will treat your yard so you are able to enjoy time outside and be free from the worry of tick-borne or mosquito-borne illnesses.  Starting in April and continuing through October, the professionals at D & T will allow you to enjoy the warmer months free from annoying mosquitoes or disease-carrying ticks.  

Termite Elimination for Your Attleboro, MA Residence

Termites are able to cause as much damage to a dwelling in the timespan of a year as hurricanes, floods, fires, and earthquakes combined.  D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. offers termite monitoring in addition to treatments if termites are found.  If you have seen what looks like ants with wings or damage to the wood around your home, please call D & T Pest and Termite Control, Inc. to schedule your free pest inspection.

Bed Bug Extermination in Attleboro, MA

If you have experienced bites on exposed skin while you are sleeping or if you have noticed reddish-brown stains or blood spots on your mattress or bedding, you may have bed bugs.  Bed bugs hide in the crevices of mattresses, box springs, or furniture and come out at night to feed on their victims, humans.  Bed bugs are the size of an apple seed and they inject an anesthetic so the victim does not feel the bite.  If you think you may have bed bugs in your home or place of business, please call to schedule your free pest inspection.   D & T’s pest control professionals can determine the best plan of action to rid you of the bothersome insects.

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